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Ainash Parfums

Natural Charm by Ainash Parfums

Natural Charm by Ainash Parfums

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2.5 oz Extrait de Parfum 

In a crystal bottle, our fragrance unfolds a symphony of accords that transport you to a world of contrasts and emotions. Citrus bursts forth as the main note, infusing a sparkling freshness that awakens you. Musk and floral notes interlace to create timeless elegance and gentle femininity. Fruits bring a playful and sweet touch, while powdery and woody notes add depth and mystery. Green and fresh spicy notes intertwine for a vibrant experience, while aromatic and animalic notes add a layer of intriguing seduction. This fragrance is an expression of multifaceted personality, an invitation to explore all the nuances of life and emotion in each spray.

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