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Ainash Parfums

Indomitable Spirit by Ainash Parfums

Indomitable Spirit by Ainash Parfums

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2.5 Oz Extrait de Parfum 

In a bottle of subtle elegance, our fragrance unfolds like an aromatic poem. The top notes of lavender, sage, and bergamot interlace to create a fresh and herbaceous opening, evoking the serenity of a garden at dawn. In its heart, plum, palo santo, and black pepper combine in an intriguing symphony, bringing a warm and spicy depth. To conclude, the base notes of sandalwood and agarwood (oud) meld into the skin, leaving a lasting trail of elegance and mystery. This fragrance is an invitation to an olfactory journey, a journey through nature and spirituality, where freshness meets warmth in every spray.

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