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Bond No.9 Wall Street

Bond No.9 Wall Street

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Unisex. 3.3 oz. Eau de Parfum.


Wall Street Perfume by Bond No. 9, Wall Street is a powerful perfume with an unconventional scent motif. The fragrance, introduced in 2004, blends uncommon ingredients for a truly original aromatic experience. It is a one-of-a-kind choice for the woman who likes to set her own agenda. The top notes are sea kale and cucumber, both rich and refreshing at the same time. Their green earthiness continues into the middle, with herbal lavender breathing cool air into the fragrance. The breezy scents of ozone and marine notes infuse the composition with a gentle airiness. The final notes of ambergris, vetiver, and musk evoke strength and confidence. Turn heads and command respect when you wear this unusual yet harmonious perfume.

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